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Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report Removed Rip Off Report speaking critical of First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group.

The First Amendment is Alive and Well; accept when it comes to those who speak critical of First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza or his law firm Randazza Legal Group.

I, Crystal Cox posted a Rip Off Report about Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group in January of 2014.  Marc Randazza was, at that time, involved in a case where he was supporting / representing Opinion Corporation and their online gripe site Marc Randazza, as usual, was boldly out there pretending to protect the First Amendment Rights of all to post on that site.

After I posted my Rip Off Report griping about / reviewing my former attorney Marc Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group, the owner of Rip Off Report, Ed Magedson, emailed me and asked me to call him to discuss it. I called Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report, and I confirmed it was me, it was my story and he let the post go up; that was January of 2014.

The Randazza Legal Groupies, as I like to call the gang of attorneys and bloggers that side with First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza no matter if he is ethical or legal, constitutional or unconstitutional, well they "act" as if Free Speech on the Internet is the most important thing.

They "act" as if they are for "ALL speech" and not some speech. They say ya gotta love all speech and they tout their First Amendment Rights as a badge of honor in which they will do anything to protect.

Yet they have never been for the free speech rights of Blogger Crystal Cox, Inventor Eliot Bernstein, Whistle blower Alexandra Mayers or Human Trafficking Victim / Investigative Blogger Diana Grandmason. In fact, they have sued us, threatened us, had us followed, bullied us and put us on under massive duress and attack for years. And all because they did not like our FREE SPEECH.

The Randazza Legal Groupies do not speak up when their lying leader, Marc Randazza, uses Trademark Law, Copyrights, the Lanham Act, Defamation Laws, and more, to silence his critics. They simply put their head in the sand and ignore what Marc Randazza is CLEARLY doing to HURT the Free Speech RIGHTS of all on the internet.

Still today you see the Randazza Legal Groupies paint me, Crystal Cox, out to be a criminal, a felony extortionist, an infant attacker and more. Yet the truth continues to reign free to anyone who actually reads into the documents facts of any of it.

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report charges around $2500 to start, Right? In order to arbitrate between the person who feels their were a victim and the person or company they post on.

Here is more on the Corporate Advocacy Program at Rip Off Report (not to be confused with EXTORTION of course)

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report makes ALOT of money. I, Crystal Cox, am currently penniless and homeless due to the Randazza Legal Groupies. Yet Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report is not an extortionist in any way right? And the Randazza Legal Groupies claim that Crystal Cox is? WOW.

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report is somewhat infamous for never taking down posts. We, as consumers, who have made amends with those we griped about do not have the right to edit or retract our own posts / Rip Off Reports.

Innocent people, companies, churches, pastors, lawyers, and more really are harmed every day by false Rip Off Reports, malicious Rip Off Reports. Yet they, we, are "not allowed" to edit or remove, even our own post, no matter how much they / we plead with Ed Magedson or provide proof of what is said being clearly false and defamatory.

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report claims to never remove anything and to be for the First Amendment Rights of all. Yet he took, flat out hijacked, my, top of the search engine Rip Off Report speaking critical of Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group and used it to harass and defame me, and claimed I abused the site.

Instead of deleting the post / Rip Off Report I posted, or allowing me to retract or edit it, Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report simply hijacked my report to suit his own agenda. And used it AGAINST ME, the original poster. This was in complete discrimination and NOT a standard of practice of the Rip Off Report.

Sidenote:  Anyone with balls enough to SUE Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report and wants to represent me Pro Bone, email me at

So, the question becomes why?

Well to me it is clear that Marc Randazza, Ken White, and the Randazza Legal Groupies threatened Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report somehow. Was it a lawsuit against him? Do they have something on him? Would they start an online war and harassment campaign against him as they did me? What threat did they make? And why did / does Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report not report them to the Bar, to the Attorney General, the Department of Justice?

Does Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report fear that the Randazza Legal Groupies will harm him in some way? If so How? Who got to Ed? Well I would say Marc Randazza and I would say it is illegal, unconstitutional and clearly unethical.

Marc Randazza did not only try and silence a critic, suppress speech, shut down the flow of information and use copyright and trademark law to shut down sites that spoke critical of him, but he succeeded. Marc Randazza consistently shuts my blogs down, has my Rip Off Report Changed, gets my YouTube Videos and Facebook pages shut down, and yet is still speaking out as if he is FOR the Free Speech Rights of ALL. Which CLEARLY he is NOT.

Below is a part of a Timeline I have included in my Nevada Bar Complaint and Attorney General Complaint Filing that is Pending. This shows dates and actions of Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report in regard to my Rip Off Report griping about / reviewing my former attorney Marc Randazza and his law firm Randazza Legal Group. Which I claim is aiding and abetting, and clear proof of pattern and history and will be part of a RICO Legal Action at some point. (Stay Tuned)

Chronology of Events

On January 3rd 2014, I, Crystal Cox posted a Rip Off Report regarding my experience with Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.

I got this eMail right away

Real Name:
Crystal Cox
Display Name:

Dear Crystal,

Did you make this posting? if so, can you give us a call?

NO, we were not even contacted by the attorney. We are contacting you because we think the posting might be suspicious. We don’t know him  nor have we ever spoken with him at our office.

You can respond to me by email and or ..
You can call me directly at xxx and say who you are..
If it goes into voicemail, just try back in 5 minutes.

Let me know you are the one that posted the Report to the 1st Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza and that you stand by your Report.

This is the Report I am referring to.

ED Magedson - Founder ''

I immediately called and stated that it was my report and that I fully stand by what I said.

Ed Magedson is well known for NOT removing Rip Off Reports, he offers a service costing thousands for people to negotiate the removal of a report. He has been to court many times allegedly and has stood by the NOT removing anything policy.  The Rip Off Reports are consistent and when someone files, their initial grievance remains on top and their title to the report remains the same.

After we hung up, Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report, went ahead and filed the Report.

Approximately February 1, 2014,  Kenneth P. White of and the law firm White, Brown and Newhouse of California, associate and friend of Marc Randazza, posted a defamatory, false rebuttal on Crystal Cox’s Rip Off Report reviewing her ex-attorney Marc Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group.

Ed Magedon of the Rip Off Report highlighted this rebuttal like NO OTHER REBUTTAL on his entire site. He put this on TOP "Update: Must-read blog post about the First Amendment'' and put a Notice to it in the headlines. He leaned the report toward reading the Rebuttal of Kenneth White defaming Crystal Cox and discrediting what Crystal Cox had posted in her original report.

Clearly Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report was favoring Randazza and joining in the retaliation of Marc Randazza's former client Crystal Cox.

The record clearly shows that Marc Randazza did not believe he was being extorted and in fact, stated that he knew his former client Crystal Cox was asking for a Job. See Exhibit 17 

As the Record Clearly Shows, Marc Randazza SWORE to Federal courts and engaged in a widespread defamatory campaign against his former client, Crystal Cox and inventor Eliot Bernstein.

Marc Randazza maliciously claimed we had somehow extorted him, when the record, clearly and convincingly, PROVES that Marc Randazza, himself, KNEW he was not being extorted.

Therefore Marc Randazza maliciously, with actual malice and with full knowledge of it's falsehood, told the courts and WIPO in sworn documents and told media worldwide that Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein had extorted him, knowing that it was NOT TRUE.

Kenneth White, as seen in the TOP of Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report, took a private email from Crystal Cox to her former attorney and painted Crystal Cox in false light as if that was the only email and not the entire thread and as if Randazza really believed Cox was extorting him, which he clearly did not, as Exhibit 17 shows.

Exhibit 22, is a blog post from attorney (Randazza Legal Groupie) Ken White's blog,, as seen posted on the TOP of Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report reviewing her former attorney.

Exhibit 22 proves that these attorneys acted together to destroy Crystal Cox's intellectual property, online reputation, to paint her in false light and deliberately, willfully and wantonly ruin her life, with total disregard for the law and for their duty and obligations to society as attorneys. And with full knowledge that what they were posting was false.

Exhibit 22 proves that these attorneys were targeting Crystal Cox's domain names, prying into her private information and launching an attack. All based on the third party false and defamatory statements made by Crystal Cox's vengeful former attorney, Marc Randazza.

Exhibit 22 shows that Randazza sued  Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein to create a pattern and history to attempt to set up his former client Cox, of which he owed client attorney duties to and to set up Inventor Eliot Bernstein.  They were creating a false "pattern and history" using privileged emails to attorneys that were not extortion, not adjudicated fact, not permissible by the rules of evidence as a matter of law and should not have been posted online, period, as a matter of law.

On April 30th, 2015, Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report changed Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report griping about and reviewing her former attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. 

The Report had been in the top ten of the Google search results for over a year. Marc Randazza, Cox alleges, wanted to change the search and so he had Ed Magedon of the Rip Off Report manipulate Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report to help First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza "save face".  Crystal Cox alleges this to be discriminatory and aiding and abetting the cover up of information.

Not only this, Ed Magedon of the Rip Off Report used Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report and 1.5 years of search engine ranking and links to deliberately, intentionally paint Crystal Cox in false light and to flat out lie about Crystal Cox.

Instead of the Rip Off Report Reading; Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, the Title of Crystal Cox's Report about her former attorney Marc Randazza, Ed Magedson of Rip Off Report changed the title to:   "Crystal Cox lost case in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, “Cox apparently has a history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction” (((REDACTED BY EDITOR DUE TO ABUSE OF WEBSITE)))"

Ed Magedon of the Rip Off Report also edited and redacted pages and pages of Crystal Cox's rip off report and removed the words "Marc Randazza" and "Randazza Legal Group", from pages of pages of the report. Now the Report makes no sense and is a muddled mess.

It is well known that Ed Magedon of the Rip Off Report NEVER removes Rip Off Reports, however in this report he did worse. He changed, manipulated and thereby falsified the entire report. Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report clearly, deliberately chilled the speech of Crystal Cox and violated her First Amendment rights in favor or an alleged Free Speech advocate Marc Randazza of whom Crystal Cox was truthfully reporting on.

It is a well known, highly publicized fact that I, Crystal Cox won my Ninth Circuit appeal and that this Landmark Ruling took away the long standing monopoly of Free Speech in which Big Media and institutionalized press have had. And now all bloggers have equal rights to that of the biggest, richest media journalists and reporters out there.

For Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report to intentionally paint me, Crystal Cox in false light and deliberately defame me, in order to aid and abet Marc Randazza's harassment and defamatory campaign against me, his former client, is highly unethical, is possibly illegal, is certainly discriminating and I allege is part of the Criminal Defamation of Marc Randazza, Kenneth White, Randazza Legal Group, NPR, Forbes, the New York Times, and many legal bloggers and other co-conspirators that have worked with and aided and abetted Marc Randazza in what I allege to be Criminal Defamation as per,

Here is a former blog post of what the Rip Off Report use to Look Like (PDF coming soon)

Here is what Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report about Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group looked like AFTER Ed Magedson REDACTED it. And check out the title, even THOUGH the whole world knows that I WON my Ninth Circuit MAJOR Free Speech Case.

Here is it what Crystal Cox's Rip Off Report about Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group looked like AFTER I, Crystal Cox, emailed Ed Magedson and asked him why he was flat out LYING about my Ninth Circuit Appeal Case.

Crystal Cox was NEVER on Trial for Extortion, never had a complaint filed for extortion.

Crystal Cox reports on corruption to the best of her ability and provides documented proof, to the best of her ability.

Crystal Cox has no history of extortion, and never received money to remove anything. The New York Times said she did, and Ninth Circuit judges used that as evidence, though hearsay.

Check Out Crystal Cox's appeal of what the Ninth Circuit judges said;

The email that Randazza painted to the world as extortion in the Crystal Cox Free Speech case, was a settlement negotiation. It was CLEARLY sent after Crystal Cox was sued, and had NOTHING to do with why she was sued.

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report is favoring corrupt, unlawful, unethical, and unconstitutional attorneys. And discriminating against law abiding, ethical, anti-corruption bloggers who are trying to help victims of that corruption.

Ed Magedson of the Rip Off Report has a true history of making money from people posting on his site and from removing those posts. Crystal Cox, me, has never engaged in extortion, never been investigated for extortion and does NOT have a history of posting online and asking money for a retraction, PERIOD. It NEVER EVER happened. Ed Magedson does not respect facts, he simply jumps on the bandwagon of Marc Randazza and aids and abets those who really are acting outside of law, ethics and our constitutional rights.

The Randazza Legal Groupies still ROAR about me being an extortionist, attacking an infant and all manner of defamatory, retaliating, hateful nonesense. However, the FACTS are ALL out there and the TRUTH remains to be the TRUTH. As I, Crystal Cox, having been reporting for nearly a decade now. Believe what makes you sleep best at night. Still the TRUTH is the TRUTH. 

Research Link on Exhibits

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