Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Trademark Attorney, First Amendment Expert SUES a former client claiming a Trademark Infringement on Gripe Sites.

Then this attorney claims the case is about extortion, then claims the client defamed him. Yet he originally said the case was not about extortion but only trademark.

This attorney SEIZED massive online content, blogs, domain names and engaged in a massive campaign to attack his former client, and all to teach her a lesson for not doing what he told her, and to ''try'' and stop her from talking online about him and his law firm.

Can you imagine an outspoken Free Speech attorney attacking a blogger to suppress her speech, stealing domain names and claiming Trademark Violations on blogs that gripe about him?

It is seriously unethical to use Trademark Law in order to take online content, chill speech, suppress speech and STOMP on the First Amendment Rights of someone you don't like talking about you. ,

In order to like something, someone, some company or express dislike or any opinion about them AT ALL, You would have to use the name of the company, doctor, lawyer, CPA, or whatever that person is.

An ALLEGED expert in this area would know that suing someone that is talking about them online and claiming Trademark is wrong, is not lawful and is certainly on the wrong side of the moral compass.

This attorney seized online content through a TRO, in which, flat out STOLE intellectual property, search engine placement, and the work of another without ANY First Amendment adjudication in any way.  And Judge Gloria Navarro of the District of Nevada let this happen and let those sites, blogs, and domain names be redirected to a blog post hating, defaming, and painting in false light, this same former client.


Well First you need an attorney with lot's of connections and no morals or ethics, like say a Porn Attorney, that is an expert in First Amendment Law.

Take a Look at the Docket below as you clearly see a gang of attorneys attack blogger Crystal Cox in order to attempt to silence her, chill her speech, all without ANY adjudicated fact.

Attorney Marc Randazza used Trademark Laws, an Unconstitutional TRO and a gang of attorney bloggers to destroy the life, reputation, legal cases, and business of his target, in this case his former client Blogger Crystal Cox who stood up to him.

Randazza et al v. Cox et al; Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey, Magistrate Judge Peggy A. Leen; 15:1125 Trademark Infringement (Lanham Act); 840 Trademark * FULL DOCKET

A Bit on WHY it is Lawless and Unethical to USE Trademark Law to Chill Speech



Four Free Speech Goals for Trademark Law
William McGeveran*

Trademark Laws SHOULD NOT be used to trample First Amendment Rights

Trademark Law Does Not Require Companies To Tirelessly Censor the Internet

Trademark Law is NOT for Censoring Critics

Eugene Volokh, July 24, 2006
Amici Briefs in the Free Speech / Trademark Injunction Case:

A Bit on the First Amendment Trumps Trademark Law

E.S.S. Entm’t 2000 v. Rock Star Videos: First Amendment Trumps Trademark Rights

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A Bit on the Lanham Act in which Randazza used (abused)

Crystal Cox on the Lanham Act, Trademark and more on this case

A Bit on the Unethical, Unconstitutional use of a TRO to Suppress Speech
 and STEAL intellectual property.

Full Docket of Randazza v. Cox

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