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Marc J. Randazza Says; "Ms. Mayers got sued because she falsely accused my wife of engaging in prostitution." Ms. Mayers did not ACCUSE, that is another Dumbdazza Lie. Jennifer Randazza is however, ALLEGEDLY, a SLUT.

What an ASSHOLE.

A Lying, Abusive, Overreaching, Unconstitutional, Hypocritical Attorney ASSHOLE.

Asshole Marc Randazza sued me, Blogger Crystal Cox, allegedly for a Trademark he did not have and his wife and baby did not have either. The court motions easily show that later the whiny ass claimed I Defamed him, then it was extortion. 

Guess he can't make up his befuddled mind what I did to him, just that he is BUTTHURT and intends to use the power of the COURTS in a Clear Abuse of Process and VIOLATION of civil rights, privacy rights and constitutional rights to "Teach me a Lesson".

Marc Randazza says, if you are gunna love Free Speech ya gotta love it all Howie, ya can't just love some of it. Well ya know I mean except for ummm calling my drunken tryst gal a SLUT well that's not protected speech especially if you think that she may have been some sort of alleged escort that may have allegedly had drunken, unprotected sex with me in Cabo.. that's different.

Conceived in Cabo with a Porn Attorney in a Drunken Tryst and NOT a SLUT according to the investigative research team at the Randazza Legal Group Law Firm? Really? R U Sure?

So funny Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group harasses churches, threatens to kill people from what I have heard going around, he stalks, he bullies, he sues, he intimidates, he supports pedophiles, racists and much worse. Yet he don't like his wife being called a SLUT or any insinuation that she may have ever been a prostitute? REALLY? Say What?

How Offensive really is SLUT to a Guy who Defended Rush Limbaugh 
for Calling Sandra Fluke a SLUT. WoW. And I would say, in my ALLEGING Opinion,
 that there is WAY more evidence to support a case of Jenny bo Benny Randazza being 
a SLUT then Sandra Fluke. Just Sayin'

He himself says he knocked the Bitch up in a Trunken Tryst. Ok he called her by another name, but that's how I see it. Still he said he knocked her up while drunk and a picture of a mixed drink saying where babies come from. Real proud DADDY. And WOW did you see the picture he posted of he, the MOMMY, she looks like she is 12 years old, check it out.

Yet he is all proud of getting her DRUNK and knocking her up.

Makes you wonder what was in that drink? Makes you wonder why she was there with that dirty old man, a well known porn attorney and having unprotected SEX. Really? WOW. Why?

It sure does wreak of escort service to me but hey what do I know? NOT a THING.

At any rate, it is at the very LEAST irresponsible to have sex with this PORN ATTORNEY without protection and while drunk out on some Mexican beach. And YEPPERS better make an honest woman of her??? WOW how does that work? By Marrying a Moron, Lying, Hypocritical abusive, EVIL porn attorney? I say NOT.

Marc Randazza  says ya gotta love all speech and defends those who call other "wives" names and defends the most horrible, dark deeding folks of society yet gets his nutz in a grind over insinuations that his young hottie ever engaged in any kind of escorting? Really? Chill Dude.. Kick Back, have a Dube. CHILLAX.

More on the Whole Drunken Tryst with the Slut. Oh I many with the NICE, very young looking respectable woman, Jennifer RandazzaJennifer Brochey Randazza, who had unprotected SEX with a Porn Attorney and was NOT an ESCORT, not on a PAID TRIP and is in NO WAY a Prostitute of ANY Kind, just to set the record STRAIGHT.

Page 14 of this Court Exhibit

"Mrs. Legal Satyricon" in the Photo in the above blog post of Mr Randazza, well that is Jennifer Brochey Randazza, the Baby Mamma that sued Monica Foster "Ms. Mayers" for allegedly saying she was a prostitute. But more like insinuating she was a prostitute and saying she was a SLUT. Ya know all that SPEECH ya got love ALL OF IT. According to Big Daddy Mr. Randazza whose law firm represented his SLUT wife to sue a blogger calling names and exercising Free Speech.

Marc Randazza wishes Monica Foster, Ms. Mayers DEATH, outs her car, her home address and well really wants her dead and gone. He harasses her, names her in my legal action, lies about her. And if she fights back well there there SHE gets sued by the big bad ALLEGED mafia connected pedophile supporting, Free Speech NOT loving attorney aKa Fucknut Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza is the KING of CAN Dish it OUT but Wa Wa Can't Take it.


Stop Using the Federal Court System to Seek Revenge
on the WOMEN you don't like exercising Free Speech
about your big dumb ass and hypocritical legal practice.

In the Randazza v. Cox Lawsuit, Marc Randazza claims that I, Crystal Cox am a Public Figure. And well you bet I am. I was in newspapers around the world and every United Stat

Jennifer Randazza PURPOSELY interjected herself into the limelight by suing me, Crystal Cox, a PUBLIC Figure. Then she claims she is not a public figure and SUES "Ms. Mayers" what a CROCK.


Here is where Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Says, "Ms. Mayers got sued because she falsely accused my wife of engaging in prostitution."

Archive of that Marc Randazza said I owned then Sued "Ms. Mayers" for It.

Page 2 of this one talks of the Death to Monica and outing her Car Details

Check out this "Ms. Mayer's" Video about the situation

See the THING is HERE "Mr. Randazza" if you are going to love SPEECH ya gotta love all that SHIT.. Right? NOPE not if you are talkin' bout my wife and kids, I don't like that shit. Wa Wa.

There is tons online regarding Jennifer being a Slut, or in a drunken tryst. And this was online BEFORE Monica Foster "Ms Mayers" ever spoke of Jennifer Randazza.

Therefore she had no malice, as it sure seems there is information online to suggest that Jennifer Randazza is indeed a SLUT. And she sure is a Public Figure after TWO years of her lawsuit against a PUBLIC FIGURE, Me.

The MERE act of Suing Me made her a PUBLIC Figure if Nothing Else; DUH

Daddy Danzza went on NPR and other high profile news outlets and talked or shall I say flat out LIED and whined about me, Crystal Cox. He talked of he, his baby, and his wife suing me, Crystal Cox - a Public Figure.

Marc Randazza is a Public Figure and yet in all this PR, legal case and media outlets talking of this, Jennifer Slutdanzza claims to NOT be a Public FIGURE. WOW? that can't be True? Is she really claiming that? as a Matter of Law? WOW.

Even if Dizzy Dumbdazza aKa Jennifer Randazza was NOT a Public Figure before she, her baby, and her PUBLIC FIGURE attorney Marc Randazza sued me, a Public Figure well then she certainly was as of Nov. 2012 when THEY sued me, Crystal Cox a PUBLIC Figure and talked about it in all media outlets that would listen and report.

As a matter of LAW, Jennifer Randazza interjected herself into a PUBLIC Figure status by SUING Me, a Public Figure.

The media around it has continued for over 2 years now. Then WOW sue "Ms. Mayers" and claim DITZY Dazza is NOT a Public Figure. WOW. How about NOT.

OBEY THE LAW ~ Tell the Truth

public figure
n. in the law of defamation (libel and slander), a personage of great public interest or familiarity like a government official, politician, celebrity, business leader, movie star, or sports hero. Incorrect harmful statements published about a public figure cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for defamation unless there is proof that the writer or publisher intentionally defamed the person with malice.

Public Figure
A description applied in Libel and Slander actions, as well as in those alleging invasion of privacy, to anyone who has gained prominence in the community as a result of his or her name or exploits, whether willingly or unwillingly. If a plaintiff in a libel or slander action qualifies as a public figure, he or she must show that the libelous or slanderous conduct of the defendant was motivated out of actual malice as required in the case of new york times co. v. sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S.Ct. 710, 11 L.Ed.2d 686 (1964).

Here is the Defamation Complaint Filed, More Like a Nevada SLAP Suit. 
Yes Posted on .. Never the Less, This is how Randazza SUPPRESSES Speech

Monica Foster ( "Ms. Mayers" )

Court Exhibit


More on the Randazza SLAPP Suit against "Ms Mayers", a Porn Industry INSIDER and Investigative Blogger EXPOSING the Porn Industry.

Monica Foster ( "Ms. Mayers" )

Randazza vs. Cox SLAPP Suit, Docket

Crystal Cox Counter Claim Against Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza Says Ya Gotta Step Back, and Ya Gotta Love ALL Speech

Comedian Crystal Cox Soon to Report On the Following:

Slutty Housewife SUES Powerful Public Figure, Blogger Crystal Cox and becomes Public Figure. Husband, Media Whore, get's his gang stalking, alleged mafia connected Porn Law Firm to represent her in suing bad girl blogger "Ms. Mayers" for implying an alleged slutty-tution on a drunken tryst that led to an inevitable knocking up of an innocent tramp after reportedly drinking a mixed drink as shown on daddy danza's blog post about the amazing drunken conception.

Baby Sues Blogger for Calling Mom a Slut

Baby Mamma sues Graphic Artist and Investigative Blogger reporting on her husband's support of pedophiles and human trafficking, for a parody Graphic 30 years into the future.

Baby Daddy is a Free Speech Attorney and alleged First Amendment Adovocate and uses his power over the courts to Abuse Process and bully, harass, and suppress SPEECH he does not like of Women alleging his drunken tryst hottie is a slut that may or may not have been possibly allegedly hired to escort his dumb, old man, porn attorney ass to Cabo where a spontaneous drunken tryst broke out on a Mexican beach after a mixed drink had been swallowed by the mother, according to reports by the father on the scene.

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